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Post by Azabiel on Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:39 am

Ascension: A group of mortals from places all across the world, after absorbing the power from long lost artifacts, ascend to a godlike state. Shortly after, they leave the mortal world to inhabit the plane of the gods.

Birth of the Devilborn: A mortal knight, a holy warrior who lost his way, delves into dark and forbidden magic. After learning the secret to eternal life, he begins conjuring up the spirits of the dead to inhabit their corpses once more to conquer the realm in his name.

A Light in the Darkness: Chroessand the Devilborn conquers the mortal world, laying siege to any that rise against him. An informal military organization bands together with the greatest warriors from across the world. Under the lead of Augustus "The Dog", a holy warrior of Erosun, the resistance movement leads the charge to Chroessand's dark tower.

Finality of Death: Augustus and Chroessand meet atop the dark tower. After a long and tiring battle, Augustus comes to realize his mortal strength is not enough to defeat such a foe. With one final strike, a prayer to the gods of light and justice, Augustus slays the Devilborn. The death of Chroessand brings about the fall of his dark empire. Augustus' sacrifice locks away Chroessand the Devilborn once and for all.

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