Kamal ibn Ha'ni al-Riya

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Kamal ibn Ha'ni al-Riya Empty Kamal ibn Ha'ni al-Riya

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Kamal ibn Ha'ni al-Riya Anthro10

Full Name: Kamal ibn Ha'ni al-Riya
Nickname(s): Kam, K, Honey

Class: Martial Artist
Race: Beastkin
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Diety: Sharom
Place of Origin: Kharji City, Mordan

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Blond, short
Skin: Tanned
Appearance: Kamal is short and slim, but with lean muscle throughout his body. He has ears and a tail resembling a cheetah, and when ungroomed, his finger and toenails come in like claws. His yellow eyes resemble cat eyes. He often wears a flashy looking Mordany outfit consisting of a small black vest that comes together over his chest with blue strings tied together, and matching baggy black pants with a thick red sash around his waist. His hands are tattooed with the "Gauntlets of Sharom", a pattern relating to the god he follows.

Profession(s): Arena Fighter, adventurer

Special Abilities:
Cheetah: Kamal's muscles are formed differently from usual humans, giving him the advantage of faster speed and acceleration with the disadvantage of weaker endurance. This makes him able to pick up speed and move faster, but for shorter amounts of time than the average human.

Martial Artist: Kamal is training to become a master of a popular Mordani martial art. Because of his training, he's able to easily combat armed and unarmed opponents with just his body. Adding a weapon only makes him that much more deadly. He uses a practical style focused on predicting an opponent and known for throws and grappling.



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