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Full Name:  Keira Ado'Arael
Nickname(s):  None as of yet

Class:  Ranger
Race:  Wood Elf
Alignment:  Neutral
Diety:   None
Place of Origin:  One of the many forests in Eyula.

Age:  123
Gender:  Female
Height:  1.65cm
Weight:  56kg
Eyes:  Brownish yellow.
Hair:  Blond shoulderlength with a seperate ponytail at the back.
Skin:  A coppery skincolour.
Appearance:  Usually found in a set of padded, light leather armour.

Association(s):  Who ever proves a friend and ally
Profession(s):  Ranger, Survivalist

Special Abilities: 
Werewolf: At first glance, Keira is a normal Wood Elf but she carries the curse of lycanthropy with her. She is in full control of her transformations and both her actions once she turns into her wolf form. That is, provided one stays on her good side...

Ranger: Keira lived most of her life in the forests practicing with bow and arrow just about every day. Through rigorous training and exercise just about any day, Keira can use a bow and arrow with great accuracy. She knows how to use her surroundings to her advantage, hide and camouflage in most environments and survive in harsh conditions.

Personality:  Keira is a socially awkward and even shy Elf. In the face of danger, however, she'll never back down. She has a small closed circle of true friends and once you enters this circle, you have a friend for life and beyond.

History:  Keira was born to a pair of secluded parents in the forests of Eyula. Her parents were distrustful of most people, even their own kin. Keira grew up away from many of her race and other races. From an early age, her parents started training her in the ways of the Ranger, teaching how to use her surroundings to her advantage and how to use a bow with grace and honour.

When Keira was twelve years of age, she went on a hunting trip with her father while her mother tended to the camp. They found a large tiger asleep and snuck up on the beast. This was to be Keira's first true kill. She lined up the shot and let the arrow fly. Yet, instead of killing the beast, it woke up from an arrow to the eye. In a desperate attempt to save his daughter's life, her father charged the tiger head on with a knife in his hand. While he managed to take down the beast, he sustained grievous, deadly wounds. Keira wanted to get help but felt his hand on her arm, telling her it was too late for him and that she had to return to her mother.

She returned to her mother, who initially refused to go with her to find her father's body but after a long time of begging, she caved in and they returned to her father's body. The two collected the body and a lot of wood. With this wood, they made a pyre and burn the body.

Years later, Keira was eighteen, her mother decided to reveal the truth about their seclusion and their family. Both her parents were werewolves! Keira was, of course, shocked by this discovery and was told that she too could become a werewolf, if she so wished. The girl wanted nothing to do with it, her mother accepted her choice.

It wasn't as Keira wanted it to be, however. Several years later, Keira was twenty-five and went on a hunting trip, alone and was jumped by a feral werewolf. Before she knew what was happening, it sunk it's teeth into her flesh and Keira could feel the pain, and the curse coursing through her veins. The beast wanted to end Keira, only for a feminine looking werewolf to jump the beast and kill it.

This werewolf revealed herself to be Keira's own mother, hearing the screams of her daughter. Keira was quickly taken back to the small camp the two had and her wound was treated, but the curse lingered. In pain and shock, Keira asked if there was any way to remove the curse. Her mother told her she didn't know how, all she could and would teach was how to control her new curse.

Years went by, Keira more often than not losing herself to the feral side of her curse, only to be, quite literally, smacked out of her savagery. It took Keira many years to learn how to stay in control of her werewolf form and how to shift between the two at will.

Keira finally managed to get a hold of her werewolf form after decades of training. Now fifty-three, Keira was relaxing on her own in the camp until she heard pained screams in the distance. Taking her bow in one hand and her sword in the other, she climbed the trees and as quick as the branches, her arms and her legs allowed her, made her way to the screams. They were her mother's, in her werewolf form fighting another werewolf and losing. Keira attacked the creature from above and managed to kill it, but not before it cut her mother's throat. Jumping down, Keira tried to keep the wound closed, but no matter what she tried... It was too late.

Keira gave her mother the same type of pyre they gave her father years ago. After she knew the fire would burn the body, Keira returned to the camp, slowly realizing that now... she was alone. She mourned for her mother for several days.


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