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History of Magic
Magic is a power that existed long before mortals, even before the Ancients and the Merfolk. It originally came from a plane that exists in parallel to our own that is the home of magical beasts and violent storms of raw energy. Before the age of the Ancient Cultures, the two worlds began to cross over and this world began to experience earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters due to strong surges of magical energy. Certain places have closer ties to the realm of magic than others, creating ‘Aura Nodes’, hotspots of magical energy. Along with the effects magic had on the world, it also began to touch the mortal races that existed.

Magic in Mortals
A mortal’s connection to the magical plane exists within their soul, which is not just a concept, but a real force that exists within all living things and makes up all that a person or creature is. If a person’s magical ability is nurtured, it will flourish and become more powerful but if neglected and left unused, their connection will fade until they become inert and lose their ability to perform magic. In the same line, a being without a soul, like demons, have no connection to the realm of magic and will never be able to use it. No rituals or strange sacrifices must be made to use any magic except for the Dark Magics, which are a different type of sorcery to the magic most people know today. All beings with a soul are born with some degree of magical ability and experts have found a way to measure one’s magical affinity.

The Farvin Scale
Created by magical scholar James Farvin, the Farvin scale measures a person’s base magical affinity on a scale from 1 to 100. The factors affecting one’s base magical potential include proximity to an Aura Node during embryo development in the womb as well as the bloodline of their family as magic has been shown to be passed from one generation to the next. In most magically-inclined communities, babies are tested at birth for estimates of their magic potential.

Rating 1 to 20
A person with a rating within this range has a very slim to nil chance of being able to perform magic in their life. They would require immense training and practice over years to be able to cast even the most basic and frivolous of spells. Their body will be perfectly healthy provided they are born with no other disabilities and they will likely live a long natural life. Most people given a rating within this band do not attempt to become magi and pursue other professions.

Rating 20 to 40
This is the average range of a person born in a location not near an Aura Node and is quite common among non-Tamorian humans. A person in this range is able to become a mage of average talent with a decent amount of effort and some have been known to become powerful magi with decades of hard work and dedication. Their bodies tend to be more frail than someone with no magical potential but still very healthy and will live long natural lives provided they keep themselves well-tended.

Rating 40 to 70
People born in this band make up the majority or magi in the world today, having a strong bond with magical energies and the ability to make themselves powerful magi with a meagre amount of effort.  However, they are required to do more conditioning to train their bodies to handle the increased amount of magic flowing through it and often suffer from health problems such as muscular atrophy and weak immune systems if they do not keep their bodies well maintained. They live shorter lives than people with low magical affinity but can still live near their race’s expected lifespan.

Rating 70-90
This range is possibly the most dangerous for a person to be registered in as it means their body is constantly being flooded with magic energy as their soul draws so much power from the magical realm. People within this band who survive their childhood years go on to be the strongest mages of their generation, though they tend to live short lives. They are in constant physical pain due to the amount of raw energy flooding their body. Life expectancy tends to be around half of their race’s average lifespan.

Rating 90-100
Only a handful of people have ever registered in this range and it has been confirmed that a 100% mortality rate before the age of 5 has been counted among them. This is because their body is being overwhelmed by pure energy that tears their physical form apart. If someone were to survive to adulthood and somehow harness their potential, they’d likely have the power to rival a demigod.

Magical Averages in Mortal Races

Humans seem to have an average connection to the magical realm and are usually found with Farvin Scale ratings between 30 and 60 although extremes have been found to occur in either direction.

High Elves, Drow
These two races generally have a stronger magical potential than other species and are often the majority among the ranks of Archmages and Court Wizards. They usually have ratings of 50 to 80, and this heightened magical affinity carries the danger of having an overwhelming magical power.

Wild Elves
While the Wild Elves are a cousin species to the High Elves, they are vastly different both spiritually and physically and as such, their magical potential is almost a polar opposite to their fair-skinned cousins. They tend to rate between 10 and 30 on the Farvin Scale, having a very low average magical potential.

The orcish race are not simply the brutish warriors many people think them to be, with most of the Orc population having magical abilities to land between a 30 and 50 on the Farvin Scale. However, most do not choose to pursue the mysteries of magic, instead favouring the martial combat their race worships.

Beastkin are as varied in magical potential as they are in form, being one of the most studied races by magical scholars. Among the Purekin specifically, the average range on the Farvin Scale is between 20 and 30 with very few ever reaching out of that small spread. This is odd considering their magical origins. Halfkin, the Beastkin with more diluted bloodlines, seem to have an amazingly wide spread of magical potential with scores recorded from as low as 5 all the way up to a select few reaching scores of 80.

Other Races
The other, lesser known, races of the world include but are not limited to dwarves, tieflings, halflings and dragons. All of these races have not been measured by the Farvin scale due to either the exclusivity of their cultures or the difficulty of even finding one of their kind. Scholars estimate that the dwarves may have a low magical potential due to their legendary physical skills and the halflings may have magical potentials equal to that of humans or perhaps less. The most unique case is dragons, who are thought to have magical power far exceeding that of any mortal race, but it is impossible to know for sure since no official source has ever seen one alive.

Dark Magics
There are types of magic which are forbidden my modern magical authorities due to their origins, use and the vile forces with which they dabble.

Necromancy is the art of raising the dead or controlling spirits from the other side of the barriers that separate the living from the afterlife. It does not require having a high rating of the Farvin scale to be a powerful Necromancer as this foul magic is woven using spells from tomes created before the time of the Ascended Gods that have been preserved over countless years by followers of these dark arts. When a person uses their first ritual, they make a sacrifice of their soul in order to gain the power to command the foul creatures they summon. These creatures brought back from the dead are not functioning living beings, but a sick mockery of life, rotting and mindless and under the complete control of their masters.

Blood Magic
Blood Magic is an art first created by the early Vampires and has been taught to those not afflicted with the Curse of the Night over many centuries. It involves using the magical power of the caster to manipulate the body of themselves and others. There are several ways for it to be used: In direct practice in ways such as making a person's blood turn sharp to slice a person to pieces from the inside, in rituals to brew items which when consumed alter the traits of the consumer or the worst of them all, the art of Bloodstitching. Bloodstitching is when multiple living beings are fused using a mixture of Blood Magic and conventional stitching in order to make animated horrors that are sick amalgamations of many creatures. Blood Magic is still reliant on a person’s inborn magical prowess as well as learning the actual art from one who has already mastered this dark magic. It has been outlawed due to the vile nature of Bloodstitching as well as the sick ideal of manipulating another’s body to give you their power. Almost all vampires use some form of Blood Magic due to the nature of their curse.

Demonic Magic
Possibly the most evil of all magics, Demonic Magic is the unnatural force wielded by the lords of Hell and their mortal minions. Demons have had this magic since their creation and even the lowliest imp can control this foul energy. It does not manifest in mortals naturally, and despite the superstition that demons conspire within those of evil heart, even the vilest villain will not be host to demonic forces unless a demon themselves gives the power to a mortal. Mortal users of Demonic Magic are known as Warlocks and they pay a hefty price to gain their immense dark power. The only thing a demon asks for in return for their power is the mortal’s loyalty to be called on in times of need, and the mortal’s very soul. This is how many would-be magi who were born with low natural magical potential think they will come into their true power but when in truth, they are simply throwing themselves into the jaws of hell.

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