The Ancients, a summary of the Old Times Pt. 1

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The Ancients, a summary of the Old Times Pt. 1 Empty The Ancients, a summary of the Old Times Pt. 1

Post by Azabiel on Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:08 pm

The Ancients were a powerful race of mortals that once inhabited the world. They were quick to adapt to varying geographical and climate conditions, and because of this, were able to settle in nearly all parts of the world. They coexisted alongside, but had little interaction with, the various tribes of other peoples across the land. The Ancients were one of three dominant races existing in the old times, the others being Dragonkind and Merfolk.

Physically, the Ancients were tall but not very muscular. They made up for this lack of physical strength through the use of the Arcane Forge. As a Monogendered species, the Ancients appeared feminine, compared to modern mortal races. The varied hair colors of modern mortals weren't a trait among the Ancients, who were all born with black hair. Despite this lack of natural variation, it wasn't uncommon for the Ancients to dye their hair through the use of magic or other, more natural means.

The Arcane Forge was a ritual created by the Ancients that, through the use of magically inscribed tattoos, allowed them to tap into the raw power of the magical realm. This use of magic made them easily able to overcome their physical limitations, and each person with the arcane markings became almost superhuman with them. Arcane Forge markings can be applied in any design the user desires, making for a wide variety of looks among the Ancients.

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