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Post by Azabiel on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:14 pm

Valsharess' Thac'zil
* Most commoners are not allowed to color their hair.
* Noble women are allowed to color their hair to less regal colors.
* Only the women in the family of the Zhennu Jallil can dye their hair in shades of red, blue, or purple.
* Men are no better than animals, and usually made to be slaves. The exception is when a woman takes one as her mate, but this itself is uncommon.
* Despite being a woman's mate, a married Drow man has few rights, and is generally used only for procreation and tending to the home and children.
* Non-Drow are treated worse than men in Valsharess' Thac'zil. It is generally a bad idea for Non-Drow to visit Valsharess' Thac'zil.

Duul'sso Thac'zil
* Unlike Valsharess' Thac'zil, anybody is allowed to color their hair in whatever way they desire.
* Men are accepted as equals in Duul'sso society.
* Orcs and Drow live together as friends and allies in Duul'sso Thac'zil.

* Much like Valsharess' Thac'zil, but on the opposite end, there are strong tones of racial superiority. Orcs are the supreme being in Itentand, and non-orcs will have a difficult life when visiting.
* The culture of Itentand tends to revolve around He or She who is strongest. The best warrior, the one that can lead the people against the Drow best, can become the War Chief.

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