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Post by Azabiel on Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:33 pm

Prime: A Prime level demon is among the highest order of demons. Few reach this point, but those that do often organize entire demonic empires under themselves. A Prime level demon rivals even Seraphim in power. Icham and Xaphan are examples of Prime level demons.

Devil: Devil level demons often serve under Primes as generals and advisors. A Devil is the second highest power level a demon can reach. The ascension to Prime often requires a demon to be both smart and powerful, while lower levels require little more than pure strength.

Fiend: Fiend level demons are ones that have become strong through any of a variety of dark methods. A fight with a Fiend will generally take at least a small force of soldiers to be defeated. A demon ascending to the level of Demon requires strength that rivals, or even surpasses, the greatest and most devout of holy warriors.

Savage: The Savage level is made up of the vast majority of all demons. Most demons won't grow stronger than this without help from others, or by manipulating and employing weak-willed mortals. A Savage demon can put up a good fight against the average military-trained soldier.

Minion: A Minion is the very weakest type of demon. Most grow out of this level of power before long. A few years of demonic magic use and consumption of souls will easily make a demon grow to the next level of power.

Primeval: The Primeval level is rumored to be the very highest level of power a demon can attain. Many strive to reach this point, but utterly fail in their quest. A Primeval demon is said to rival the Gods themselves in power.

Covenant Demons: While the demons of Icham's Covenant follow the same levels of power as all others, a Covenant demon will often be even more powerful than a regular demon. This trend follows for all levels of demons between Minion and Devil, while a Covenant Prime will be equal in power to a normal Prime.

Demonic Warlocks: Demonic Warlocks, also called Demon Wizards, are mortals that use demonic power to fuel their magic.

Demonic Magic: While traditional magic requires a strong level of natural ability, as well as training to use effectively, Demonic Magic is fueled by power given to mortals by demons. Demonic Power can be gained by mortals through the use of demonic enchantments in equipment, by imbibing demonic blood, or as an exchange when making a deal with a demon.
Other than being fueled by demonic power, Demonic Magic acts similarly in most cases to traditional magic. There are some types of spells, generally those that make use of mortal or demonic souls, that are exclusive to demonic magic and have few traditional counterparts.

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