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Post by MstrCorvus on Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:20 am

This forum is here so if people in our little community don't have Skype or at some point aren't available on Skype (Work, school, etc.) they can still have RP fun. While it may be a bit slower than normal RP, it can be done over several days which makes good oppurtunity for continual storylines as you're not worrying about someone having to drop it for a while due to reasons. It can be picked up whenever the people involved feel like it.

Just a few rules on this:
1. When you make an RP thread, mark it with an [OPEN] or [CLOSED] tag. If it has an [OPEN] tag, it means you're willing to let other people join in on the storyline whenever they fit in. [CLOSED] means that it's essentially a private session for certain people.
2. In an open thread, try to keep everything SFW (Safe For Work) so that means that no getting all up in people's business while anyone on the forums can look at it. Kissing and the like is fine but try to keep your character's clothes on.
3. If a thread doesn't have a tag, it will be assumed to be open and that the creator is opening their doors wide to anyone wishing to join.

I'll try and figure out how to make [CLOSED] threads so only the people invited to it are able to view it but until then, try to respect people's wishes and if a thread says [CLOSED] don't look at it.

That's all from me for now so I'll wish you all happy roleplaying!

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