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Post by MstrCorvus on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:29 pm

Full name: Tiria Fallith
Nickname: Ria

Class: Mage
Race: Human (Catgirl)
Alignment: Neutral
Place of Origin: Ark

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 54 Kg
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple, naturally black
Skin: Fair
Other: Tiria has a pair of black cat ears growing out of the top of her head as well as a long black cat tail with a white tip.

Association: Ark Academy of Evocation
Profession: Student

Special Abilities:
- Umbramancer: Tiria evokes magic by creating shapes out of shadows which she can mold into any shape or form she wishes, whether it be a spike, bolt, wave, sword, spear or shield.

Personality: Tiria is a lively girl, always being bubbly and happy wherever she goes. She’s quick to make new friends and doesn’t hold grudges. Her mind is innocent to the darkness and corruption that can lie in people’s hearts and this often leads her to trusting suspect people. Once thing she will never do is hesitate to protect herself or those close to her.

Tiria was born in Arcia’s capital, Ark to a pair of middle-class mages. Her father was a Beastkin with feline ears and a tail while her mother was a human. She took after her father and was born with cat ears protruding from the top of her head as well as a long tail. Her parents were overjoyed when, at a young age, Tiria decided she wanted to be an evoker like her father.

She went to primary school at the Elemental Elementary school which, despite the corny name, was the nation’s most appraised early education institute into the school of Evocation. Her father taught at the same school and under the tutelage of her mentor, Mrs Alnos, she delved down the path of Umbramancy; the control of shadow.

At the age of fourteen, she graduated from her school into the Ark Academy of Evocation with a full scholarship for the study of Umbramancy. She and her parents were overjoyed when they heard she had earned an all-expenses-paid schooling honor. Tiria studies hard and excels in her schoolwork so she can make the most of this opportunity.

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