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Post by Azabiel on Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:09 am

We, the all knowing Loremasters of the Legends of Bolya, have convened. Following a short discussion, we've decided on the following .

Upon Loremaster request, the Loremasters will require certain characters to have a profile posted and approved. Any characters at all can have a profile made, but it's not required unless a Loremaster requests it. This profile can be posted before it is required with no trouble. A profile in the Workshop section will not be considered for approval, but will be open for discussion on the concepts.

Approved profiles will be moved into the Approved Profiles section.

This change is to prevent outlandish characters from being unleashed upon the world where they do not fit. If at all possible, the Loremasters will try to work with a player to modify the character to be a viable option.

In an attempt to keep things fair for all, a Loremaster will not be able to approve their own characters. They will require another Loremaster to view their profiles to approve them.

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