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Post by MstrCorvus on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:42 am

Full name: Tamelle Semis
Nickname: Tam

Class: Rogue
Race: Satyr
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Alhasaan
Place of Origin: Grand Bazaar, Mordan

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 67 Kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Maroon
Skin: Tanned
Other: Tamelle’s legs from the knee down turn into that of a goat, covered in coarse black hair and ending in hooves.

Association: Alhasaan, The Desert Rose, Money.
Profession: Thief, Swindler, Cheater.

Special Abilities: Tamelle has remarkable agility despite her hooved legs.

Personality: Tamelle is a hedonist in every fibre of her being. She indulges in every pleasure available to her, whether it is expensive clothing, exquisite food or the finest whores money can buy. She takes amusement from talking to people in her manipulative and seductive way. Lies come easily to her and she tells them compulsively, being quite a convincing actress;

Tamelle was born in the slums of a small town outside of Mordan’s Grand Bazaar as the daughter of a gambler and a barmaid. Her father was a satyr and as such had an unrelenting desire to gamble and sleep with women, one of which being her mother. Tamelle’s mother wasn’t expecting to have a child, especially not one to a man she only met once. And certainly not a baby girl born with the legs of a goat. This left the poor toddler alone all the time without parents to give her any love or even a home.

She spent her time from when she could toddle moving about the markets and stealing food to survive as well as any clothes she might have needed. Once she got a taste for taking what she needed, she began to take whatever she wanted without a second thought. By the time she was twelve she could move through a crowd and pick the pockets of everyone she passed without stopping her stride as well as rob a man blind by luring him to her bed and running off with his valuables while he slept with pride.

This untameable lust for objects as well as a lust for satisfying her more primal desires drew her to the capital of a nation based on trade and greed, Alhasaan’s Grand Bazaar. She quickly grew into her element and the teenager would take all the gold or possessions she could ever want and got herself a residence in the higher-class part of the city. Her behaviour also brought her to frequently visit The Desert Rose, a high-class brothel.

After years of whoring and stealing and forging false documents, she came into co-owner of the whorehouse and her infamy as a thief grew. Collectors would pay her in fortunes to steal valuable items from their rivals. As a young woman, she now spends her time wandering markets so she can see what she wants to steal that day as well as spending countless hours in the Desert Rose to get her fill of sexual pleasure. A rumor also floats around that she is in a business partnership with the Trade Prince and his close associates.

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