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Corvus Araelson X5lbjpu

Full name: Corvus Araelson

Class: Unique
Race: Nephilim
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Angelic
Place of Origin: Arcia

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 61 Kg
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Bleach Blonde
Skin: Fair
Other: Corvus’ eyes turn a dark crimson when demons are present. When his wings are present, one is a pure white and the other is a dark grey.

Association: Heaven, Arael.
Profession: Demon-killer

Special Abilities:
- Nephilim: Corvus has the power to wield the holy magic of angels as well as enhanced physical strength and intellect. He is able to conjure a scythe and glaives made of angelic magic. Corvus is able to grow wings from his back like an angel in order to fly.
- Justicar: Corvus has a sword that was created in the weapon forges of the angels and imbued with the power of Arael’s wrath. It burns demons on touch and is able to sense those with demon blood in them.

Personality: Corvus is a very moody person. If he’s around nice people and they’re all relatively normal, he’s a nice guy who’s chatty and friendly. Around pretty women, he can act overly charming and suave, being quite the ladies’ man.  When it comes to fighting and people being in danger, he will put himself in the line of fire and dedicate himself to protecting everyone he can with ferocity.

When a demon is nearby, his eyes will turn red as he senses the corruption they bring. No matter his mood, he will turn aggressive and excessively violent towards said demon or demon minion. He won’t relent until he’s either killed the corrupted being or they get away, which isn’t very often.

Corvus was conceived between an angel named Arael and a human woman named Imara who lived in the city of Ark. Arael had come down to the mortal world to slay the demon Matrath and he enlisted the aid of several mortals. One of these was Imara, a powerful mage skilled in the art of evocation. After they had defeated the demon, Arael and Imara had already fallen in love and they married. Not long after, Imara became pregnant with Corvus.

When he was born, the two of them gave him love and raised him with the principles of honor, justice and compassion. He grew up knowing that his father was an angel and his father would often have to leave to fulfil his oaths as a divine warrior. Corvus always stayed by his mother’s side and swore to keep her safe when Arael was absent. To help him protect himself and his mother, Arael gave Corvus a sword made by his own hand in the angel’s forges and imbued with his own aura of protection. Naming it ‘Justicar’, Corvus relentlessly trained with this sword and his father taught him how to combat demons and mortals alike.

He learnt that he could wield the same divine magic as the angels and by the time he was sixteen, he was a formidable force to be reckoned with. Around that time, Matrath’s minion Urdic sought revenge for his master’s death and eventually found the house in which Corvus and his mother lived. Before Corvus could slay the demon, his mother was fatally injured by the unholy creature. In grief, the Nephilim boy swore to eliminate all demonic presence from the mortal world.

He now travels the mortal plane, seeking out demons and their mortal slaves wherever he can find them and removing them from existence with a burning holy wrath.

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