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Zachariah Morgan R_warr10

Full Name: Zachariah Morgan
Nickname(s): Zach

Class: Unique
Race: Demonspawn
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Diety: Xaphan (Demon)
Place of Origin: Demeria

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135
Eyes: Sky Blue, or pure Black
Hair: Silver, shoulder length
Skin: Fair
Appearance: Zach's demonic form turns his eyes pure black and gives him demonic features, including wings and a tail. His demonarmor looks like an exoskeleton of bone and flesh

Association(s): Cult of Xaphan
Profession(s): Freelance Mercenary, Cultist

Special Abilities:
- Demonspawn: Zach was born with inhuman strength and a natural affinity for demonic magic. He can conjure demon armor and take on a winged demonic form.
- Reaver: Zach wields a sword of demonic steel and imbued with demonfire. It is hot to the touch for all without demonblood. The corrupt weapon is imbued with the power to steal the souls of those it slays, growing stronger with every kill.

Personality: Zach is generally very calm and quiet. He favors dark or dimly lit places, and tends to find himself in taverns, chatting up women at the bar. In combat, he loses himself to a demonic bloodlust and takes extreme pleasure in killing.

Zachariah was born from the union of the Demon Xaphan and a Human woman named Teresa Morgan. Teresa was brought into the Cult of Xaphan as a young adult and as a part of her initiation, she surrendered herself to the Demon. Her initiation left her pregnant with the child of the Xaphan, a rare occurrence which started her ascent to a place on the council leading the cult.

Being born into the Cult of Xaphan allowed Zach to have easy and direct contact with his father at most times. He was raised by both parents, learning the ways of mortals as well as demons. He learned of his natural abilities early on, and Xaphan was quick to train him to control it to his full potential.

In his teenage years, Zach was gifted a demonic sword and trained to use it alongside his demon magic. He was shaped into a powerful demonic force. Xaphan and the Cultist council saw his quick progress and soon started sending him on difficult tasks for the Cult. These tasks sent him all over Tamor, finding demonic artifacts and slaying those that would threaten the cult.

Upon reaching adulthood, he branched out away from the cult and started working as a freelance mercenary. His work has since taken him all over Tamor, but he returns to Demeria frequently to visit his mother and speak to his father.

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