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Post by Azabiel on Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:46 pm

Ilythiiri Varash

Duul'ssom City - Located on Abbanen Thac'mon near the source of the Spo'taa River. Seat of the Kult'ressin.

Major Cities:
Shabeull City - Located on the Ilythriiri Varash mainland, along the Renor River. A former Valsharess' Thac'zil city, conquered by Duul'sso Thac'zil.


Abbanen Island - Island located off the coast of the Ilythiiri Varash mainland.
Spo'taa River - Located on Abbanen Thac'mon.
Renor River - Runs through much of the Ilythriiri Varash mainland from a Source near the Valsharess' Thac'zil capital city.
Maelthra Mountains - Located in western Ilythiiri Varash, running from the North coast to the South Coast.
Abbanen Mountains - Located on Abbanen Thac'mon, covering most of the island.

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