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Landressea City - Located in central Demeria, near the source of the Linde River.

Major Cities:
Vallonde City - Located on the Southern coast of Demeria. Serves as an international trade hub for Tamorian goods.
Doriene City - Located in Northeast Demeria, East of the Enelest River. Houses the primary training ground for the Order of the Crimson Sun.
Elessear City - Located on the Western coast of Demeria. Acts as a primary trading hub for the nations within Tamor.
Lumene City - Located in Western Demeria, in the Ithlum Mountains. Is a major mining city, and the major source of Silver in Demeria.

Maywood - A small village west of Landressea. The town is about a days ride from the Capital, and is built around a small chapel. Despite being so small, the town is a significant point for the Triumvirate in Demeria.

Enelest River - Runs from the Alavand Moutains out to the Northern coast.
Linde River - Runs from the center of Demeria out to the Southwestern coast.
Ithlum Mountains - Located on the West coast near Bolya.
Alavand Mountains - Located in the Northeastern region of Demeria, on the East coast.

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