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Maressea - Located in the center of Eyula, around the Greatwood. Home of the Speaker of the Greatwood.

Major Cities:
Lorine - Located near the source of the Faliene river. Serves as a trading point between Eyula and Elarnia.
Tirastir - Located in Southwestern Eyula, along the Einyath River. Holds the training grounds of the Druids of the Greatwood.


The Greatwood - The largest tree in the Greatwood forest. The living embodiment of the spirit of the forest itself.
Einyath River - Runs from a source in Western Eyula to the Southwest coast.
Faliene River - Runs west from a source near the center of Ellorwis through most of Eyula and ends at the Northwest coast.
Arelel River - Runs from Northeastern Eyula and ends at the Northern coast of Elarnia.
Ilien Mountains - Located between Lorine and the Elarnian Border.
Ellon Mountains - Located on the Southern coast, South of Maressea.
Alar Moutains - Located on the Northwestern coast, near the Faliene River.

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