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West Tamor

Bellecourte City - Located along the Alera River in the Amiers Mountains. Houses the Cathedral of the Triumvirate.

Major Cities:
Ancoux City - Sits on the Southern coast of Verseau. Serves as a trading point between Verseau, Arcia, and Demeria.
Veile City - Sits on the eastern coast in Northern Verseau. Serves as an international trading and travel hub for West Tamor.


The Cathedral of the Triumvirate - Located in the center of Bellecourte City. Houses the heads of the Church of the Triumvirate.
Amiers Mountains - Located in the South of Verseau, joining the Ellino Mountains to form a natural border to Arcia.
Montou River - Runs North through West Tamor, ending at the Northeast coast.
Lievoie River - Runs north and bends toward the Amiers Mountains from a source between Ark and Ancoux city.

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